Adam Serra

Some  memories from Japan  and  it`s surrounding oceans. 

Japan Collection - Ephimera application

12 years in the making. The Japan Collective is a collection of images captured in rural and Southern Japan.

Adam is  an Australian artist, with Spanish heritage began work in australia as a commercial pilot,  turning to photography full time after moving to Japan in 2009.

The images he saw in Japan was so contrasting to the image that is portrayed else where Adam decided to capture the moments, the beauty and the flavors and smells that Japan has to offer to people that venture outside the norm stepping into regional and rural seaside Japan. 

The collection while dyslexic in appearance at its soul is consistent in nature.

Adams work has been seen on NHK television, Inetrstyle as well as his depiction of the  sun used as covers on some of the largest newspapers in Asia  


Team Ephimera please note images are all in low res. 
It was dawn on the island of Aoshima.
Late December, it was cold. A rare sight as a lone shinto priest traverses the bridge from the island of Aoshima, the mystical home of the shinto gods of Japan and heads back to reality of modern day Japan.

Morning Beauty in Junk coloued by pascal hues on summer morning in rural Japan.

Cycling to god, 

Pass through the gates and you enter another land of fire. 

The island Aoshima  is home to the Shinto gods of Japan

A very old port.

Filled with old boats.

Manned by very old but capable men.

Sunset in Aoshima Port.

A modern Japanese fishing boat that’s used daily today. The men crewing the boats are generally over 60 with many boats left in port as they can’t get the crew to man them. Not quite the global traversing fish stock destroying vessel that’s betrayed outside of Japan.